Monday, July 28, 2008

Safety is Number One

The safety of our children is our number one concern right from conception. As soon as we find out we are pregnant we ensure that we are providing our child with the right nutrition, vitamins and minerals. Later when that child is old enough to crawl and move about we spend time and resources ensuring that they do not harm themselves while exploring the world around them. As children get older, and their world gets bigger, safety is no longer just about covering the electrical outlets and locking the cupboard. This is why I wanted to share with you a very important organization, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.

They are a non-profit organization dedicated to the personal safety of all children, they have tools, information, resources, and programs to help parents and caregivers teach children about personal safety. They also have programs that provide help to children and their family, who have been victims of abuse.

One of their great education programs is Kids in the Know, here parents can access information on how to teach children about personal safety. What makes it really great is that they provide you with age appropriate messages and tools.

They also created, a national tipline for reporting online sexual exploitation of children. With children using the internet more and more, it is important that we teach them how to be safe online. I highly recommend taking a look at their Public Education campaigns, such as 'Let's keep this our little secret', which provides parents with information on the techniques that offenders use to keep abuse a secret. You can also take a look at their age specific tips on ensuring that your child is safe online.

I don't think I can stress enough the importance of becoming informed on this issue and ensuring that we teach our children about personal safety. Not just our own children, but all children, like a good friend always tells me "it takes a village to raise a child".

Friday, July 18, 2008

Toy Spotlight - Haba Magnetic Puzzles


Challenge your little one's fine motor and cognitive skills with the brightly coloured magnetic puzzles from HABA.

Whether it is the Princess Magnetic Puzzle or the Knight Magnetic Puzzle, your little one will love the bright colours, whimsical pictures and you will love that it is travel friendly, ensuring that no pieces are lost or forgotten.

Both the board and all nine pieces are magnetic, making it a fantastic toy to have up on the refrigerator to help keep them entertained while you go about getting things done in the kitchen.

Haba Magnetic puzzles are not only beautiful but also multipurpose.

Monday, July 7, 2008

In the News - The Importance of Make-Believe

Recently Susan Linn, a psychologist at Harvard’s Judge Baker Children’s Center was interviewed by USA TODAY about the importance of make-believe play.

The article talked about the benefits playtime at home and the importance of playing as a family. It also gave a number of helpful tips for parents to encourage pretend play at any age.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday Toy Spotlight - Manhattan Toy's Activity Barn

This week in honour of our resent trip to a farm, where we got to chase chickens as well as ride and feed horses. I would like to shine the spotlight on one of my favourite toys from Manhattan Toy, the E I On The Go Activity Barn.

With more than ten interactive features, including a corncob with a zipper, a squeaky pig, a jingly horse in its pocket stall, a kitty hiding under a flap and a hen in her nest. As well as rings, crinkle paper, mirrors and more. This toy is designed to help baby develop their cognitive and fine motor skills.

Best of all it zips up neatly in its carrying case, complete with stroller strap and handle, for learning fun on the run.

A fantastic toy to take along with you wherever you go as it is sure to keep your little one entertained for some time. In addition it can easily be thrown into the washing machine should it get dirty, because we all know that sooner or later it will end up in baby's mouth.

Recommended for children 9 months and up, this is one toy that will certainly be enjoyed for a long time as the child discovers new features to keep them entertained. It can also be used to teach your little one how to identify their favourite barnyard animals and have a fun time singing Old MacDonald had a farm.