Saturday, April 14, 2007

Taking The Plunge

At around 11pm on Monday April 9th, 2007, my partner and I "turned on the switch" on an initiative that is likely to define our lives over the next few years. We started a new e-commerce business and hopefully a place on the web that will positively impact the lives of new Canadian parents. TheLink site is called

About the site: is a place where new moms can browse for useful resources, get connected to other moms in their community through online mom groups, and shop for cool developmental and wooden toys for their infants and tots.

Baby Thoughts is a new, family owned, Canadian business that will serve a Canadian market from coast to coast. We have started with a small product set, service, and content offering but our vision for the next 2 years includes much, much more.

Please visit and let me know what you think. Your feedback is welcome.

Bye for now,

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