Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Selecta Toys....Find Them at BabyThoughts.ca

The beautifully crafted toys from Selecta Spielzeug have arrived at BabyThoughts.ca!Selecta Trotto Push Toy

Selecta was founded in 1938 and to this day it remains a family operated company, their sole aim is to provide educational and high value toys which promote the development of children. Selecta toys are designed and manufactured in Edling, Germany from sustainable maple forests using environmentally-friendly and child safe paints.

The look of a Selecta toy is almost instantly recognizable; toys are done in bold primary colors, with the grain of the wood often visible underneath. Basic, identifiable shapes dominate the form of the toys, while faces are always sweet, simple and smiling.

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Mickey of Kalyespeak said...

Seems like a good gift to give my niece! Thanks!